Central Stations in Alarm Monitoring Services

There are local central stations and national central stations. There are also monitoring services that don’t use a central monitoring station at all, and instead let you control what happens when your alarm is triggered ( see Blockwatch Alarm for more information ). Larger alarm installation companies have their own central stations, but 90% of  alarm companies use l do not  have  central stations  and  use  a   3rd party “wholesale” central stations.  Be sure that any central station you choose is UL listed. This is a listing that is given by the Underwriters Laboratory and insures that the monitoring center meets specified requirements for:

  • Building construction,
  • Staffing requirements and training,
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Regular and backup power requirements
  • Building and records security.

My own opinion is that either one will do a good job of responding to your alarm needs. Companies defending the location of the central monitoring station that they use generate most of the controversy.

Pros and Cons of alarm system central stations both local and national