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In today’s world of mega-sized corporations, many of the values and relationships we enjoyed with vendors in years gone by no longer exist. My goal is to become the customer’s agent in dealing with the burglar and fire alarm companies, and provide the service and installation for your unique needs and alarm systems.

With over 40 years of experience in all facets of the alarm industry, I know the language, capabilities and vulnerabilities that exist within each company. I also have the ability to translate a customer’s situation and desires into the language that the alarm companies understand. Too often, inefficiencies and poor communication are paid for by the customer in higher prices and poorer service.

If you are just one of a thousand (or a hundred thousand) customers, there is no motivation for the company to go the extra mile to understand your particular needs and deliver the service accordingly.

It isn’t that the companies can’t deliver the service you need, but that they do not have the mindset or the organization capable of determining individual needs. One on one communication is vital if you are to receive appropriate service. I can help you determine what your needs are and translate those needs into the products and policies that are currently available from the alarm companies.

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I work with dozens of companies and security technicians in a network that I have developed over the last 40 years. The important traits I look for in companies are:

  • EVOLVING – The Company continues to develop the relationship between the customer and the Company. It involves believing that the relationship is enduring and dynamic as well as being a “two-way street”. The Company and the customer learn from one another and adapt their behavior accordingly.
  • CARE FOR PERSONNEL – Customers care about how a Company treats its own employees, including wages, benefits, or general management of employees, and it should be important to the Company also.
  • DEPENDIBILITY – The Company’s products and services can be counted on as reliable and consistent. The Company is one that customers can place their trust in times of uncertainty. The Company is one that is always there for the customer and stands behind its products.
  • HONESTY – The Company provides straightforward and truthful information about the products it provides. Nothing is purposefully hidden from the customer.
  • INNOVATION/CREATIVITY – The Company is continuously attempting to develop new products or services that improves its ability to satisfy its customer’s interests and needs. The Company has the ability to think differently, switch framework and function in different ways to enable them to better serve their customers.. The Company is open to unconventional ideas instead of rigid adherence to the status quo.
  • MORAL CHARACTER – The Company takes into consideration the ethical nature of its actions. The Company recognizes potential good and bad outcomes of business practices.
  • PROACTIVE ORIENTATION – The Company has an attitude that attempts to preempt any problems by looking ahead, keeping in mind all possible outcomes and preparing accordingly.
  • HOSPITALITY – The Company is personable and goes out of its way to make the customer comfortable. The customer and their business is important to the company.

I have yet to encounter a national alarm company and very few regional companies that can begin to meet these 8 requirements. With the advent of regional and national 3rd party monitoring central stations, small local companies can meet these customer service requirements while delivering Central Station support just as well as ADT, Brinks or the other alarm companies that have millions of customers .

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“I had an old alarm system I was interesting in repairing/testing/upgrading.

Another company took one look and said it was junk and I needed to replace everything with their overpriced selected models and then lock me into a 3 year contract.

Russ came out the same day I called, replaced a battery, fixed a loose wire and presto the system was back. Instead of having to replace everything now all I need is an inexpensive cellular communicator to bring my system (which previously operated on land line/telephone) up to date.

Great experience. Highly recommend.

- Grant C., Seattle WA., on Yelp