Remodeler Construction Alarm System

Increasingly construction/Remodel sites are being burglarized for tools and other construction materials. Because the sites are often difficult to secure, it presents challenges for an effective security system.


  • Doors and windows often not installed or unable to secure
  • Phone lines either not existent or vulnerable to attack.
  • Sirens or noisemakers usually susceptible to compromise.

The following system is designed for construction/remodel sites and addresses the challenges listed above.
All tools and valuables are kept in a secured room. The door(s) to the room are contacted and motion detectors are placed out side the doors to trigger the alarm if approach is made to the protected area. The main control, siren and cell/radio communicator  are all located inside the protected room. The alarm system is activated and deactivated by remote keyfobs which eliminates any need to delay the activation of the alarm to disarm the alarm system.

1 – Vista20P
1 – 6150RF
1 –  5828
1 –  748 Siren
1 – GSMX
X – 5804
X – 5800RES
X – 5800Micra
X – 5803W3
X – 5809
Master alarm control
Keypad w/RF receiver
Keypad – wireless
Tampered siren
Cell/Radio transmitter
Motion Detectors
Door Switches
Smoke Detectors
Heat Detectors

Monitoring with the Cell/Radio costs $32.00 per month and includes e-mail notifications as well as central station response for all alarm activations. System can be armed and disarmed from either the internet and most smartphones (with TotalConnect from Honeywell). Alarm Panel can be scheduled to automatically arm and disarm at preset times. System can easily be moved from one construction site to another with notification to Monitoring station of address change.