Fire Protection in Alarm Systems

Fire protection provides both property and personal detection. Because most new homes have smoke detectors in each hallway, bedroom and level in the house, a fire alarm that is connected to the burglar alarm system is redundant protection for those people inside the house. Smoke detectors added to the burglar alarm system are usually much more expensive than 110VAC hardwired smoke detectors or stand alone battery operated smoke detectors.

The primary advantage of smoke detectors that are connected to the burglar alarm system is the ability to monitor them. Any smoke detector in your home will protect your life while you are in the house. If you are not home, a non-monitored smoke detector will not save your home or business. In most cases by the time a fire is visible outside the home or business, it is too late to save the structure. If you are not going to have your alarm system monitored then the smoke detectors tied into the burglar alarm system are not as cost effective as the stand-alone 110VAC or battery operated smoke detectors.

New homes can meet the building code by having all required smoke detectors connected to the security alarm system. The advantage of such a system is that the smoke detectors will trigger an audible alarm that is heard throughout the home and not just emanating from the activated smoke detector.