Alarm Equipment Upgrades

In recent years the advancements in features of alarm systems has been  phenomenal. If your alarm system is working and meeting your needs there may be no reason to update your equipment. Below are some features that have been added to alarm controls in recent years and a brief explanation of each.

  • On board modem – This allows the alarm company to “program” and “diagnose” problems with the system remotely and not necessarily have to send a technician to the premise.
  • Wireless capable – This allows the alarm user to take advantage of hand held keypads, panic buttons or to protect out-buildings or other areas that are unable to be reached by hardwire methods.
  • Phone interactivity – This can allow you to operate your alarm from any telephone, either on or off the premises.
  • Pager & Cell Phone signaling – Allows the alarm to signal you directly to your pager or cell phone in the event of an alarm activation (can also be used to signal opening and closings such as use for latch-key monitoring)
  • Cell phone & Radio monitoring – Allows signaling to central stations by means other than conventional telephone line. Can be used as stand alone or as back-up to conventional phone lines.