Changing Security Monitoring Companies

If you are currently monitored and you are considering changing monitoring companies there are several things to consider.

  • Your existing monitoring contract. (See section “Monitoring Contract”)
  • Can the new company monitor your system? (All alarm system and manufacturers have their own protocols, programming, programmers and receiver compatibility.)

To determine if the new company can monitor your alarm they will need to know:

  • Your alarm system manufacturer and model number
  • The “installer code” for your alarm.

For switching to Blockwatch Alarm monitoring, call 1-855-955-7763 and we’ll be able to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Nearly any system can be converted to Blockwatch Alarm, and there are no contracts. Neighborhood based “signal routing” technology keeps the price low (only $20 a month) and you in control of your home security monitoring.

Many times an alarm monitoring company will put their own “installer code” into your alarm panel to make sure that they can get into the control program to make changes and also to keep out unauthorized access to the control panel. You should either have your present monitoring company give you the “installer code” or, if they do not want to give out their “installer code”, have them return the “installer code” to the manufacturer’s default “installer code”.