Alarm Installation Pricing Advice

Installation pricing is the most difficult aspect of comparing different alarm companies. The best way to compare pricing is to ask for a bid that includes itemized protection pricing. By this I mean find out what the price is for a door contact, motion detector, smoke detector. 

If you are required to monitor your alarm system for 3 years, include the cost of those three years of monitoring when comparing your total price against the price of a company that does not require you to monitor the system. (Be sure to add the price of 3 years of that company’s monitoring too!) Also make sure when you are buying an alarm system that you will own the alarm equipment.

Some companies have you pay for the alarm system and the installation and retain ownership of the equipment. It only becomes an issue if you decide to switch alarm companies and your old alarm company wants the equipment returned.


Company A

installation $299.00  monthly monitoring fee $34.95

contract term 36 months
$299.00 + (36 X $34.95) = $299.00 + $1258.20 =  $1557.20

Company B

installation $799.00  monthly monitoring fee $12.50
contract termmonth to month 
         $799.00 + (36 X $12.50) = $799.00 + $450.00 =    $1249.00Although company A is less money at the outset, it costs over $300.00 more over the life of the contract and you cannot discontinue service for three years. After three years Company B is $269.40 less per year.