Homeguard – ITI – SX-V Systems

ITI (Interactive Technology Inc). was the first wireless alarm system that truly captured integrated zoning, onboard communicator functioning and remotely programmable panels. In the Pacific Northwest is was installed in an exclusive arrangement between ITI and Washington Natural Gas (Homeguard).

Homeguard installed thousands of ITI panels. The most popular panel was the SX-V. The SX-V was installed between 1985 and 1993 when ITI discontinued its manufacture and moved forward with their Careguard, Commander, and Concorde series panels. None of the newer panels were backward compatible with the SX-V but as long as parts were available Homeguard was able to keep the SX-V customer base in good repair.

In the late 1990’s Washington State forced Washington Natural Gas to divest itself of Homguard because it was not legal to mix the operations of a regulated utility with a non-regulated enterprise. Homeguard was sold to Chubb Security and for many years Chubb, a full service alarm company, took good care of the Homeguard customers. In 2003 Chubb exited the alarm industry and Homeguard has passed through several different alarm monitoring companies. Operations were moved out of state and service has been from poor to non-existent.

Homeguard customers have looked to local companies to service and repair their systems, but the exclusivity that Homeguard had with the ITI equipment means that few companies or technicians have the skills or experience to deal with it. Subsequently their solutions for maintaining the security of the Homeguard customer base is to remove the ITI equipment and install complete new systems. In many cases this is a costly and totally unnecessary proposition.

I have the tools, experience and desire to trobleshoot and service the Homeguard ITI customer base. If you want some of the features that newer systems provide that is a reason to consider upgrading the ITI system, but for minor service issue there is no technical reason to go to that expense. You shouldn’t have to replace your system because the service technician doesn’t know how to service it. If you have questions or problems regarding your Homeguard ITI security system please feel free to contact me to discuss it.