The Future of Alarm Installation and Service will be the “One Man” Company.

Alarm monitoring has become a national enterprise. There are a lot of economies of scale in monitoring a large number of accounts.

Installation and service does not scale up. Installation and service is best done on a local scale.

I owned a large regional alarm installation company and a large regional 3rd part monitoring station. In the 80’s and 90’s we could be competitive and do a good job servicing our communities. Unfortunately the national companies wanted to take over the market and many companies were forced to either sell their companies to the nationals or be driven out of business trying to compete with the “Free Alarms”  they were giving away. The smaller alarm companies that used our third party monitoring were basically put out of business. I sold both my installation company and monitoring company in the late 90’s.

Since 2002 I have developed a one man operation which I believe will be the template for the alarm installation and service business of the future (specializing in residential and small business alarms).

The other articles in this section tell more about how I have structured my business.