I Tell You Where and How

If you’re looking to put in an alarm system, there are two things that we, as alarm installers, are trying to provide.

First is protection against the bad guys, keeping the burglars out of the house. That’s a pretty easy thing to do. It’s very objective.

Ninety percent of burglars come through unlocked doors and windows, which means if you just close your doors and lock your windows, you’re already ahead of the game!

That being said, once a burglar gets into the house, the first thing that they’ll do is they’ll go open the door to let themselves out quickly. The next thing they do is they head to the master bedroom, looking for cash and jewelry and other valuable items.

This isn’t just speculation. This is what they do.

For a basic alarm system, if we do nothing more than protect a few key points, we can protect against almost any burglary.

First, protect the doors going outside of the house and the door going to the garage, if you have a connected garage. Then, have some form of interior motion detector that protects the hallway leading into the master bedroom. And if your master bedroom is on the ground level, you might want to think about doing the windows going into the master bedroom.

I guarantee that will keep pretty much any burglar from burglarizing you successfully. It doesn’t mean they won’t get in the house. It doesn’t mean they won’t make an attempt, but you’ll not suffer loss with burglary if you detect them right away and have a siren go off.

Next I’ll be talking about putting in an alarm system for personal protection. Everyone has a different feeling or different comfort level about their personal protection. Protecting from a successful burglary is very objective, very cut and dry. Personal protection is very subjective and personal. This distinction is very important.

The greatest value of the alarm system is not keeping the burglars out, but the peace of mind that it gives the owner. When you’re coming home, open the door, and hear the alarm system beeping for your entry, you want to know that no one is in the house. You will know that no one has been in your home since you’ve been gone.

It also gives the same peace of mind at night. You can turn on the alarm system and go to bed knowing that if someone violates the protection in your house, you’ll be made aware of it.

We’ll talk little bit more about personal protection in our next episode. Check out my next video on how to feel safe in your home.