with Your Home Security System

Last time we talked about burglary protection for home alarm systems. We talked about protecting your home from a successful burglary with three key points of detection you absolutely must have. Today we’re going to talk about personal protection.

As an alarm installer, after we’ve created the basic alarm system we look to add protection for people and not just your belongings.

Many times, if you have a motion detector in the house, you may not want to have that on when you’re home. This leads you towards doing more outside doors and windows for protection so you don’t trip the motion sensor while you’re in the house.

You may want to put a keypad for arming and disarming the alarm system right in the master bedroom. That way you can arm and disarm it at night. If you hear some disturbance in or outside the home, you can activate the keypad and have the sirens go if any of the sensors are triggered while you sleep.

Everyone has their own comfort levels and that’s dictated by the experiences you’ve had. I’ve been in some homes where people think that they feel quite comfortable with just doing the perimeter doors and interior motion detector and they don’t feel they need anything more than that.

I’ve been in other houses where they want everything done to protect both their belongings and themselves. They may have sensors on every window that opens, every door that opens, motion detectors, and in some cases glass break detectors.

There is no right way or wrong way to do it. We feel very comfortable that we will prevent a successful burglary just by doing the perimeter doors and windows. The peace of mind that comes from having everything protected is what’s important and that’s very subjective. Everyone has a different level.

The nice thing about the wireless systems we have now is you can always add on later. If you haven’t had a system before and you don’t really know what your comfort level is, you can put in a basic system of doing the doors, perimeter doors and motion detector. Then after you’ve used the system and really decide what you feel comfortable with and what you don’t feel comfortable with, you can add doors, windows or motion detectors.

They’re just wireless devices and once you have the infrastructure in, it really doesn’t cost much more to add a door, window, or motion detector than it would have if you had done it originally.

Before we had wireless systems and we were crawling through the attics and underneath the floors and pulling off molding to run wires, it was really important. We needed to know at the time we installed it exactly what you wanted on your alarm system. Coming back to do a door or window could be a several hour process.

With the current wireless sensors, it usually just takes 5 or 10 minutes to give you added personal protection and peace of mind.