For Your Home Security System

Today I’d like to talk to you a little bit about wireless door and window contacts.

In recent years, more and more alarm systems have been done with wireless components. Almost every bid you get will have some form of wireless on it, usually the doors and the windows, motion detectors, smoke detectors, glass break detectors.

Up until I’d say about 10 years ago, you really didn’t have a lot of options for your doors and windows. What you would end up with would be a little white box. Or it might be a brown box. It would be put next to your door or your window with a magnet on your door or window. When it opened and closed it would send a signal to the home security system.

A lot of times when I went out and did bidding, we would talk about what we would do. I’d bring out the little box and I’d say, “We’re going to put one of these next to every window to protect your windows and to your doors,” and I had on more than one occasion the wife tell me, “I would rather be burglarized.”

Can you believe it?

Let’s face it, you’ve got a house that’s worth a million dollars, you don’t want this sitting up next to each door and window.

In recent years, a company named iON Digital built a device that fits inside the window and fits inside the door.

On a door switch, you put in a little device that fits inside the casing of the door by the hinge and when the door’s closed, you don’t see anything. For windows, they made this device which is the same way. It’s a little switch, fits inside the window, and there’s a magnet that goes with it. When the window is closed, you don’t see anything. Now you don’t have to worry about your drapes getting caught on these things or getting knocked off.

It’s all concealed. And the battery life is anywhere from five to eight years!

The good news is the iON Digital makes these switches for almost every major brand of equipment.

They make them for Honeywell, which is ADT. They make them for DSC. They make them for GE. They make them for HAI. They make them for 2GIG.

It’s available in almost all the protocols and formats that you’d want out there, so when your alarm company tells you that they’re going to put in wireless for your doors and windows, ask them whether you’re going to see the switch because this switch is available for all of them.

A lot of the high volume dealers don’t even offer it to their customers because it costs two or three dollars more per switch for them and, let me ask you, are you willing to pay five dollars more to not see that box? I think you’ll find that people will do it. It may not be convenient for them to do it, but we have to remember, when you buy an alarm, they need to fit your needs. You don’t need to fit their needs.

This is the Alarm Professor high atop Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, Washington, wishing you a good day and good security. Thank you.