Protecting your home and family matters, so naturally, the next question to ask is: What is the best monitoring security system option for my family?  To answer you, let me share with you Sally and Bob´s story. Sally and Bob moved to another city because Bob had just started a new job, and their home had an existing alarm system already installed. But once they moved, they begin calling many companyies in the area to find the best option to have their home alarm system monitored 24/7. But after several calls, they were very surprised when the only option they were being offered was to replace and buy a whole new system and to commit into an expensive long term contract. They got very disappointed, until one day, Bob was having coffee while going through social media when he found the perfect solution for them that worked with nearly any alarm system, had no long-term contracts, immediate response, and was very affordable: It’s called Blockwatch Alarm No one had offered them that much control over their safety at such low prices. There’s a sad truth about most alarm monitoring… Let’s be honest, most outside cameras are being used for “after the fact documentation”, and many alarm monitoring alerts are ignored or have a heavily delayed response. Often, they believe it’s just another false alarm. Blockwatch Alarm creates a confirmed incident by notifying you and those you’ve selected as part of your Blockwatch team to respond quickly and easily to any alarm trigger. With that confirmation, you get a trusted response from local authorities instead of “just another false alarm”. And avoid false alarm fines. So if you want to secure the safety of your home and family at an affordable price just like Bob and Sally, then the perfect option for you is Blockwatch Alarm. Blockwatch Alarm is a monitoring service that can be added to most new and existing surveillance systems. It allows you to take immediate action at an affordable price, with no long term contracts (month-to-month plans).

How does it work?

When your security system trips, they notify your family, neighbors, or employees by text message, phone calls, or through the Blockwatch App.  These settings are fully customizable. You decide. You or your community members can review the incident at your home or business in real-time, and can dismiss it if it’s a false alarm. If you don’t have an alarm system? Video can also be used as a standalone system to monitor your home. Watch the video to see how it works, and decide the best monitoring security system option for your home and business without spending thousands of dollars, or being locked into long-term contracts.